Thay Cách Mặc, Đổi Cuộc Đời
(Dress Me Confident)

The style guide for Southeast Asian professional women

After 16 years of working with thousands of people across Europe and Asia, I felt that I must write down what I had experienced, and share with readers the core skills in developing a professional image in order to get ahead.

For many S.E. Asian women, our lives are changing so fast. We have careers, opportunities and disposable incomes that we didn’t have just over a decade ago. Creating a professional image is a vital ingredient for confidence and success, yet it’s not a topic taught at school or college.

In Thay Cách Mặc, Đổi Cuộc Đời (Dress Me Confident), I give step-by-step guidelines on how to achieve a professional, stylish and confident image for the modern S.E. Asian woman.

The book covers:

  • high-impact dressing best suited to the body shapes of S.E. Asian women
  • understanding dress codes in business, including those appropriate to different industries
  • choosing the best colours for the S.E. Asian complexion
  • looking professional at different occasions
  • addressing the image issues that many S.E. Asian women face, such as being petite or looking young for one’s age, and with that the risk of not being taken seriously at work.

…and so much more.Thay Cách Mặc, Đổi Cuộc Đời (Dress Me Confident) is available from online book stores and book retailers throughout Vietnam.

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