Young Achiever Essentials

Social and interpersonal skills for people aged 12 to 17

This course has been created by Debrett’s.

Founded in London in 1769, Debrett’s has been a familiar part of British culture and it is the UK’s authority on etiquette, social and interpersonal skills.

I’m the authorised trainer for this course. I’m also the only trainer based outside the UK to have gained this recognition from Debrett’s.

What will this course give you?

This course will enable young people to gain the confidence and key skills for making a great impression in social situations, at school, in interviews and when applying for employment or work experience.

The course includes a digital etiquette module to outline the pitfalls and possibilities of an online presence.

What will you learn?

  • Making a great first impression: positive body language and confident greetings.
  • Speaking confidently in formal and informal situations.
  • Dining essentials: handling tableware, eating tricky foods, understanding the roles of host and guest.
  • Networking and how to mingle in social situations.
  • Managing your online reputation.
  • Understanding dress codes for interviews and social events.

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