Corporate Workshops

These workshops will strengthen the professionalism of your team at all management levels: from their professional image, their business conduct, to their communication skills.

Each workshop is customised to suit your objectives. Informative, interactive and full of practical demonstrations, these workshops will give your team the core skills to sharpen their professional impact.

Please feel free to contact me with your training needs. Here are some of the most popular workshops:

Dress Me Professional

This workshop will show you the key steps of dressing like a true professional. Learn how to create a professional image that works effectively for you and for your organisation.

Professional Etiquette

This workshop will give you practical guidelines on how to make a positive impression with your clients and colleagues. Topics include: confident introductions; handling oneself at different types of meetings and events; positive body language; starting and ending a conversation; email and telephone etiquette.

Dining Etiquette

In an international setting, confusions about dining etiquette exist which can make many of us feel anxious.

Whether you are new or familiar to conducting the business meal, this practical workshop will show you how to polish your dining skills. Topics include: the role of host and guest; handling Western styles of eating; handling different types of business meals; understanding different dress codes; important dos and donʼts of business dining.

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