Top 5 stylish Asian professionals

In two weeks, the stars will align to welcome the Goat in the Lunar New Year. Individuals born in this position of the zodiac are often known to be creative, intelligent and dependable.

To celebrate, I’ve selected five Asian professionals who best possess these traits (whether they are Goats or not), and most importantly, have carried style and finesse into their personal image and respective careers.

1. Rico Hizon

International News Anchor at BBC World News and CNBC Business News 

Mr Hizon looks immaculate whenever he’s on television. He keeps it basic, wearing a signature suit, shirt and tie, yet he is consistently memorable and never dull. What’s the secret to his effortless style?

First, he is masterful at combining colours (for the desired effects, that is). He creates a strong contrast between his shirt, tie and suit. His tie, often selected in a bold colour, reflects his expertise and dynamism. For informal occasions, he loses the tie and pares his outfits down with muted, monochrome looks.

Second, his clothes are always tailored. They produce a crisp silhouette (especially around the shoulder and neck lines). It shows that he is a person in control – wise and trustworthy – as any business reporter should be.

 2. Angelica Cheung

Editor-in-Chief of Vogue China 

Direct and sharp-minded, the chic doyenne of Vogue China has stated that her role is not just to deliver fashion images to her readers, but also to inform them on the elements of style. As such, Ms Cheung doesn’t wear trendy gear or outrageous outfits. Instead, she favours the minimal yet striking look: well-cut clothing with refined, geometric lines. Her signature look is her asymmetrical bob, which helps her command a room with authoritative flair, keeping her dynamic and unique amongst her peers.

 3. Clara Shih

CEO and Co-Founder of Hearsay Social

Ms Shih, who runs the San Francisco-based social media marketing firm Hearsay Social, knows how to balance personal charisma with powerful business intellect. Her style is stately, yet always demure and feminine, keeping her assertive but approachable. These are two elements that certainly instill confidence for any business client of hers at the firm. Moreover, she has a discerning eye for clothes that flatter her physique, and she’s mastered the art of looking à la mode without excess frill.

4. Sir David Tang

Businessman. Founder of Shanghai Tang and China Clubs

Whether it’s his tuxedo or his mandarin jacket, Sir David is a maestro at combining Eastern and Western aesthetics. He adds a classy blend of both worlds with the poise and panache that only a savvy man like him could muster with ease, having pioneered the prestigious brand, Shanghai Tang (which he later sold), and several of Asia’s most exquisite dining and nightlife spots, the China Clubs. At a recent global convention, where he was the keynote speaker, Sir David was introduced as “an innovator”, someone who has “done much to make China fashionable”.

5. Alina Cho

Former CNN Journalist turned Editor-at-Large, Ballantine Bantam Dell

The most glamorous person on this list is Ms Cho. She likes to add a dash of glam into her daily business attire, but she still looks credible. She makes her obvious love of fashion benefit her image by delivering a tasteful magnetism. Coupled with an editor’s eye, this is displayed in statement pieces and striking patterns that are distinctive, on-trend and capture the respect and attention of those around her.

Three things that these well-dressed individuals have in common:

  1. Their hair is always styled and neat
  2. They know how to choose what suits them, so you see the person, not the clothes
  3. They look confident, attractive and approachable.

Who are your most stylish professionals? What sets them apart from others?

Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous Lunar New Year

Photo sources:;;;;; Hayato Hashimoto

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